BlackMagic Revolution

The picture quality is the most compelling reason we use the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Why 12 Bit RAW ? Read more

I specialize in helping local business tell their story through a cinematic experience. I embarked on a life experiment pursuing passions. This decision has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined and while it has not been easy, I’ve never looked back. I hope you enjoy my art. Looking forward documenting your journey.

Bordeaux Wine

Biarritz Time

“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson … I’m only now starting to find my own voice.  It’s more about what I have to say and the way that I choose to say it. ” Writing with the Camera, that’s what we love to do most.


WebTV Production

The BMPCC  & Hasselblad H2 match the way we want to tell a story.

Mon équipement / My gear:
– Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera
– Glidecam HD 2000
– Manfrotto 190 & MVH502AH
– Blackmagic Video Assist 4K
– MBSB + Sigma Art Series
– MBSB + Classic Nikon 50mm
– MBSB + 85mm Samyang T1.5
– MBSB + Nikon 80-400mm
– Aputure Amaran HR672S
– Aputure LightStorm LS 1/2W
– Wireless Filmmakers Kit & ZH1
– Davinci Resolve 14 + Capture  One
– Iconic Hasselblad H Series
– HC 150mm + Analog HM 16-32

128 GB shot in RAW = 30 min with shooting ratio 10:1 resulting in three 60 sec. director cuts and one 30 sec. teaser. Releasing one every week gives you social media WebTV exposure for one month.

Promo package at €1449 or hourly rate at €75. Sometimes we do things for free but we never work for cheap. What about 4K?

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Creating Magic.

90% of the info transmitted to the brain is visual. 

As a DP, Director of Photography, my tool is a box with a glass window, lifeless until I breathe into it my creative spirit. Movies are reflections of light coming from a two-dimensional screen – just static flashes of light and color interrupted by short moments of darkness. These impulses manipulate the brain to experience the emotions of a story, and that’s a form of magic.